Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Sick, sick, sick

So the kids have been sick all week.  I have been feeling "off" for days, since last Friday, and am finally admitting that I really am sick today.  Master gave me dispensation to take it easy and nap today. I'm still doing stuff, like laundry, because clothes are dirty, but I hope to have a nap also.  Although we also have a new bed delivery coming, which will be long and involved and I'm too tired for that.  Nevertheless. 

Yesterday we fucked anyway, twice.  I wasn't that sick.   The first time was wonderful, with hurty nipple clamps and many orgasms, and Master spitting in my face, which is so disgusting I can't even say, but it makes me crazy-aroused.  We were sticky, sweaty and exhausted by the end.  I felt happy then.  

Then S & M came over, bringing more tools and supplies.  I don't think I mentioned this, but S has brought her power tools to our workshop in the barn and has been building some cool stuff out there for the past three weeks.  The first project is a cage-bed commission for someone else.   Master has given her some aged ash wood, which will be turned into paddles.  Other projects are in the wings. So S, and sometimes M, have been spending a lot of time here, in between work and school.   

We had a shower, and took the older kid to the doctor.  On the way back we went for a short walk at the park.  Short, because I had to get home to finish making bread.  I have made two batches of homemade pita, which comes out more like buns which can be stuffed with filling, and everyone loves them.    After dinner and cleaning up the kitchen I was, again, SO tired.  I asked to go up to bed, and he said yes.  He was dealing with some paperwork on the computer.   

When he came to bed he pulled off the covers and took me.  It was quick, it was definitely more of a "used hole" feeling than anything else for me.   I fell right to sleep after.  

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