Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Long Weekend Together

Except for Master having to work Saturday morning, we have had a long weekend together.  Saturday night I'd organized a get together for us with some friends but Master was in a really bad mood so I had to cancel and stay home.  Instead of eating out I got thrown on the bedroom floor and fucked.  He started to take my ass but didn't finish.  I was squirming to get away but I'm sure that wasn't the reason he stopped after only sticking in the tip.  Later that night he fucked me again briefly and then caned me until I cried. 

Sunday I was a bit glum.  I think I had caught Master's mood, but he was all better by then.  I made strawberry pancakes for breakfast, we sat around a lot, then we went to see a movie.  

 I loved Kubo and the Two Strings! It's probably the best movie of the year, or in several years even.  I was kind of sad again after the movie, but then it turned out I was just hungry.  That happens to me a lot.  My moods are extremely food dependent, which is a reason I suck at dieting.  I think it is also the reason I don't trust my feelings that much until I have had the same one for a while.  If it lasts well past a good hearty meal, it just may be a real feeling and not my body telling me that my world is ending because it is low on energy.

I have lost the train of thought now in this posts.

Sunday afternoon, right.  

 We went for a walk, and it was good.  I think we did 3.5 miles that night.

Then he fucked my ass.  Wowza, that was great.  It doesn't happen that often that I get a hard ass fucking.  All three holes got used and at least two of them were sore,  along with my tits (well slapped).

Monday I don't know,  stuff happened.  It was a holiday.  Master did the grilling out and made dinner, which was delicious: steak, corn, potatoes, grilled onions.  And for dessert, ice cream with berries. 

 What I remember most was being terribly horny all day and really hoping that he was going to want sex that night.  I thought many times of asking to use my vibrator but always decided against it at the last minute, for reasons.  What reasons? It's always hard to ask.  It's very vulnerable.

  He noticed my lust filled stare when I came in to the bedroom and we were undressing.  "You really want it bad, don't you?"  That made me turn half-shy, and I looked down as I stepped in closer to him.  "Yes, Master."  

"Yes, Master... what?" he asked, wanting me to say it.

"I want it bad, Master."

I ended up soaking the sheets and blankets, again.

Which reminds me, I have laundry.  


  1. I think it's always better to stay home and fuck opposed to going out.

  2. I agree with Miss Lily.

    Asking is so hard!


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