Monday, January 2, 2017

More Traveling and Parties

The trip home from my parents' (9 hours) was Thursday, because Friday Master had to work.   We needed to leave right away after he got out of work to drive down to the town of M., 2 hours away, for a surprise party Mystique had organized for hasufel, her sub.   It was a family/non kink event and we had a great time.  We got to sit in the firetrucks but not slide down the pole (hasufel is a fire fighter so the firehouse put on the party).  Then we drove back home, getting in late, but not too late for Master to want to use me quickly before bed.  

Originally the plan had been to stay overnight in town both Friday and Saturday but Master really just wanted his own bed. I was supposed to have asked friends about staying in their house while they were gone, but I didn't do it before it was too late, and I'm due to be punished for this failing.  I don't know why I didn't.  I guess I got overwhelmed with all the other holiday stuff and kept putting it off until I forgot about it.  There were other people who'd offered to let us stay, but Master really didn't feel like it anyway. 

Saturday started out with some sexytimes and a paddling, then later in the day we again drove to M., first to visit his aunt and uncle, and then went to the New Year's Eve party our friends hold every year.  This is also a family event, with everyone from grandmas and grandpas to tiny babies attending.  Our kids had a great time playing games.   

We had missed the party the last few years so I felt really good about being able to make it to this one.  Master started feeling ill in the middle of it, though, and wanted to drive home again instead of staying with the friends that said they had a spot for us to crash.  We left just after midnight and he managed to stay awake, with my help, to make it home.  

He was a little better this morning after spending all Sunday under a heated blanket with much hot tea that I brought to him.  Poor Master!

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