Monday, May 8, 2017

Good Weekend

The weather the last few days has been perfect here.  Master and I went out walking Saturday, and Sunday we went to the garden store and came home with a huge cart full of things to plant, including raspberries of two types.  After all that digging around I'm pretty sore now, which is enhanced by the marks he's left on my ass. 

Saturday night Master was tired, but wanted to get off inside me before sleep, so we had a real quickie fuck, after which he beat me a little with the canes as a reward.   It was a hard for me to get to sleep after that, but not impossible.  I woke up still horny, but Master didn't feel that good and needed some breakfast and tea right away.  He felt better later in the morning.

I wasn't expecting him to do anything with me because we had all those gardening plans, but before I knew it I was kneeling on the bedroom floor.  He blindfolded me and I felt his knife scraping across my ass.  It didn't hurt nearly as much as cutting myself on a bread knife, and in fact I didn't even realize he had made cuts on me until I was putting jeans on later and felt the sore spots rubbing. 

He was still holding the knife as he pulled back on my collar. I was on my hands and knees on the floor.  He put the knife to my throat and fucked me from behind, which was amazingly hot.  There was a lot more fucking after that, which has all blended into indistinctness in my mind now.

Afterward, when we were cuddling, he said I looked so sweet that he hardly even wanted to blow on my tummy at all.   The only reason he likes to do it is that I hate it.   So I figured if I could fake not caring about whether he did it or not then he wouldn't want to do it any more.   Right?

I made the mistake of saying all this out loud.   He started singing a Frozen tummy blow song.  You know the one: "Let it blow, let it blow..." ending up with "Tummy blows never bothered me anyway."

He started to move down that direction and my face scrunched up, expecting the worst.  So much for pretending.  But he didn't do it after all. 

We got in the shower right away and he started by aiming his penis at me.   "You wish I would use the toilet, don't you, slave."

I didn't.  I really didn't wish that.  I love being degraded by him. 

"Whatever you want, Master", I answered him immediately.

"I will use the toilet to pee, because that's you.  My toilet," he told me and my insides did squirmy little happy flip flops of delight.  He pissed all over my tits and my cunt. It did not smell good.  So disgusting, in fact.  I want to touch myself again just at the thought, but I can't because I've already used up my allotted masturbation time for the day (one).


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