Monday, May 29, 2017

TMI Tuesday May 30

1. If you are on facebook, when was the last time you had to “unfriend” someone and why?

Probably back during the election, for posting really hateful false crap.  Most of the time I just hide or unfollow rather than unfriend.
Or I wait for them to unfriend me. 

2. What are you addicted to?

Coffee, chocolate, pain, sex...

3. What are the first 3 things you do every morning?

Pee.  Make coffee and Master's tea. Make breakfast. 

4. How lucky are you and why?

I'm luck in love, not lucky in cards/gambling/contests.

5. What is one thing you’re embarrassed to admit you want to try?

Going to a real honest to goodness glory hole. 

Bonus: Are you proud of what you are doing?

Sometimes?   I don't know. What am I doing?


  1. I think a glory hole would be fun!

  2. I'd love to try a glory hole (receiving, not giving!) but how does one trust the health of the woman inside? Faith?

    1. Use condoms. There is still some risk, I know.

    2. There is also the Glory Hole's lesser cousin, The Grope Box, which has lots of bigger holes allowing people to reach in and feel up who's inside. The box is bigger too, allowing the person inside to step closer or further away from those fingers....

  3. Mmmmm chocolate... definitely an addiction of mine.


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