Saturday, May 27, 2017

Trivial Pursuits

Last Saturday we went to a kink event in another town which includes a gaming room, as well as a dungeon. We have been going there every few months now, but still aren't meeting a lot of people.  I'm not sure why- it seems like it would be a good set up to do that, but each time I go in and look around thinking "Who are all these people?"  We did know one couple, because when we got there Mystique and hasufel were already playing in the dungeon.  

 Master wanted to play a game first, and since no one really looked like they wanted to join us, we just played Trivial Pursuit together.   I'm not bad at that game, but my Master remembers and knows almost EVERYTHING, so he kicked my butt.   My proudest moment was remember the second man to step on the moon.  Mystique and hasufel came and sat with us for a bit, but she was worn out from her day of motorcycle riding in the cold rain, so they were ready to call it a night early.  

Around 9:00 we finished up the game and Master led me off to the dungeon.  At that time the place was packed, so we had to wait a few minutes and find someone who was just finishing up their scene.   Master directed me to undress and hang on to the cross.  He started with a few hard blows of the cane to get me "warmed up" before he even got out the ropes.  He wrapped my arms in rope, and tied them by the wrist to the cross.   He put the hood on me.  There was flogging, first with the soft ones and then with the stingy floggers, which made me jump and squeak.  I had a really tender part right at the base of my spine that kept being hit over and over until I didn't think I could stand it any more.  

Master got out the heavy canes and the light canes and thoroughly beat my ass.  He did a little light whacking of my breasts, but not enough to make marks.   He beat on my pussy also, making me come.

I was untied, we cleaned up our things and washed the area with sanitizing  spray, then we sat in the snack room for a bit too cool down, or warm up in my case.  I was freezing cold and Master was overheated.    I slept almost all the way home while he drove.   

In the middle of the night, after a wonderful evening with Master, that was when the dog messes began... sigh.


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