Thursday, May 25, 2017


I am having a fabulous week (sarcasm font).

I have a sick and vomiting kid, whose computer got broken by a leaping dog.

I have another dog who is have constant diarrhea all over everything.

Master is having a terrible time at work thanks to the boss and he's really crabby.

The good thing was that a mysterious and potentially expensive electrical problem seems to have fixed itself just by have the electrician come out and look at it.
So, how's your week?  


  1. As much indulgence as I can get away with-like ice cream--has been my answer. Sorry you are having a week. Super cool about the with-just-one-look electrician!

  2. I believe some people have a goft for what they do. Like some doctors make u feel better just having gone in to see them. Your electrician - keep him! The other things- yeah sick kid and sick pup aren't great especially not together! Sending positive vibes over!

    1. I'm thinking today will be better. Yesterday was better than Wednesday. Kid feeling better, dog got some medicine.

  3. I scaped the crap out of my car door on a truck bumper, lost my car twice in an underground parking lot in a different province, and generally was thirty seconds away from a full-on panic attack yesterday.

    Your week also sounds like it has been "lovely". Doggie diarrhea in particular is always so much fun to deal with.

    Hope things are looking up for you and that the sailing gets smoother!


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