Friday, March 16, 2018

Fit For Friday 7

3/9  7 carbs, 20 minutes of barn mucking and a 20 minute walk

3/10 10 carbs, 35 minutes of barn mucking and a 40 minute walk

3/11  7 carbs,  1.5 hours of (slow) walking while we played Pokemon on Sunday

3/12  7 carbs, one 20 minute walk 

3/13 10 carbs, a 40 minute walk 

3/14   was Pi day, not a day for diets, obviously. The older kid and I made a meat pie for dinner, and I made strawberry rhubarb for dessert.  With ice cream.  Yum!   I also went for two walks- 40 minute power walk and a 35 minute one at night.  

3/15 5 carbs only, and a 40 minute walk at a pretty good pace.

And this is exciting:  these are my pants that were getting too tight in the tummy before I started my diet.  Now I'm ready to go back to my smaller pants that were put off to the sidelines.

The scale... was ambivalent.  I have either lost a pound or stayed the same since last week.  It keeps changing when I step on and off and then on again.  I need a better scale.  The pants don't lie, though.  I have lost about 13-14 pounds since I started the diet and exercise.


  1. Wow, you are doing so well and rocking those carbs! Good on you and hooray for smaller pants :)


  2. Well done you are acing this. Ignore the scales they can lie and measure yourself instead. Or as you found you pants fit better now, so that's a sure way to know you have lost.
    Hugs Lindy xx

  3. Woo hoo! The scale suddenly doesn't matter anymore once clothes are fitting better. Congrats on breaking out some of those skinny pants!

  4. Great job! i prefer going by the fit of my clothes too, cos the scales are sometimes a little erratic

  5. That is awesome, great work.

    The pants don't lie, hooray for non-scale victories!


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