Tuesday, March 13, 2018


This morning Master told me to wake him up before noon and be ready to fuck.  He hadn't got any sleep the night before (work) so this was his night-time. 

 Just before noon I snuggled under the covers with him until he woke up and started fucking me.  He stopped then and said, not really as a question, "You need to be beaten though."  I agreed. 

He told me to get out of bed, get a blanket on the floor and kneel on it.   He stood in front of me, his cock straining toward me for attention, which was so hot.  I reached forward with my mouth, but he pulled back, teasing me a couple of times before he let me have it.  Just as I had fully engulfed him the really heavy red stick came down on my backside, and then again in the same spot.  I struggled to maintain my position an instantly was slightly whimpering.  This soon turned to sobbing because he was beating HARD.  The lighter whippy canes also came down hard on my ass, then he made me come.  There were great gushing squirts, so it was a good thing I had the waterproof blanket down.   

He took out the leather tawse and beat my shoulders and back with that.  Then he had me stand and whipped me with the belt.   He fucked me quickly and too soon it was time for a shower.  It was all fast and furious and my back is pretty sore now, but in a nice way, to remind me. 

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  1. Wow, sounds like a wonderful play time :)



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