Thursday, March 29, 2018

Fit For Friday 9!

I didn't lose any weight this week, but I didn't gain any. I'll keep plugging away at it. 

3/23  10 carbs, An hour and a quarter walk, plus later a 30 minute walk.

3/24  13 carbs, 30 minute walk and a 45 minute walk.

3/25 11 carbs.  I made pancakes for breakfast because Master wanted them, but I did not eat any.  1.5 hour walk approximately, playing Pokemon for 3 hours so it was pretty slow walking.  Sore feet! 

3/26  6 carbs, 20 minute walk

3/27  45 carbs (piece of pizza for dinner), 1 hour walk and a 20 minute walk.

3/28  10 carbs.  45 minute walk and then an hour walk later. 

3/29  13 carbs.  About 1 hour total of walking. 


  1. I'd call that a win. At least you didn't gain!

  2. It seems really unfair to me that you didn't lose weight. All that walking and coming in so low on carbs, you totally deserve to. I hope you lose double next week!!

    1. My body is naturally made to hold on to every pound possible. I would do very well in a famine. However, it is frustrating sometimes when there is sure no famine!

  3. I laughed at "plugging away" and the famine reference. I don't wanna weigh tomorrow - had two kinds of easter chocolate cake tonight. sigh.

  4. Good to hear you are plugging away. Awesome making your Master pancakes yet not eating them. I wouldn't be able to do that.
    Happy Easter
    Hugs Lindy xx

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