Friday, March 23, 2018

Fit for Friday Eight

3/16  8 carbs, 35 minutes of walking and 50 minutes of mucking out the barn.

3/17  I was doing really well until the St. Pats Day party, and then I had beer.  And then we went out for Mexican food (that's what you do on St. Patrick's Day, right?) and there was rice and tortillas of course.  And chips.  Lots of chips.  Ok, not a dieting day. 

I did take a brisk 45 minute walk in the morning that day.

3/18   Yeah, no.  Mexican leftovers for lunch!  There were a few little walks while we played Pokemon, adding up to maybe 20 minutes.  And popcorn!

3/19  Back on track, seriously.   13 carbs, 20 minutes of zumba workout, and two walks which totaled 45 minutes together. 

3/20  10 carbs.  Master and I went for an hour walk at night.  He inspires me! About the time I'm saying "Ready to turn back now?" he's going "Top of the next hill!"

3/21  12 carbs and one 30 minute walk.

3/22  12 carbs and a 30 minute walk. Later another walk for 20 minutes.  

I lost one pound this week!  For a total of 15 pounds overall. 
I just want to tell you I would have quit the whole diet thing Monday if I hadn't been inspired by you guys here doing Fit For Friday with me.  Thinking about "I won't have a good update Friday if I quit now" got me through the rough patch of the weekend and going back to sticking to a diet Monday.    I really, really wanted a donut.  Or some cake.  Or a bagel.  But I resisted.  Instead I'm making low carb cheesecake today.  


  1. Good on you for continuing and getting back on track, though you are allowed some off or treat days. You are totally rocking the carbs and walks!


  2. You are making me want Mexican food, well good Mexican food anyways!
    Love how you talked yourself back on track.

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  4. You have done really well with your carbs and walks. As Roz said you can have some days where you have treats. If you deny yourself all the time you crave things. Which leads to over eating. So allow yourself some little treat especially seeing we have stuck to this for 8 weeks. that's totally awesome.
    Hugs Lindy xx

  5. It's so hard to come back after a day or so off. I totally get that. And it looks like you're doing great on carbs and walking. Way to go!

  6. Yay you! I loved reading this. Reminds me that an off day doesn't kill the week!

  7. Low carb cheesecake is delicious! and I can feel good about eating it!

  8. You did great...15 pounds is wonderful..want to share that cheesecake recipe?? hugs abby


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