Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Me? Topping? Yes.

It's a whole different kind of fun than being on the bottom, more akin to giving someone a massage, and making them happy that way.
It really felt much easier for me to top someone else, who's not my Master. I didn't have that "wrongness" feeling about it, and plus I already knew that he really loves caning and has taught a lot of people to do what I was doing. I really didn't get any dom head space at all, but he was walking me step by step through the whole thing, giving a lot of directions. I did get a little rush of excitement at times, but didn't find it very erotic.  I think I was concentrating too hard on learning and doing it right.  To give a good caning, an erotic caning, there is a lot more involved than simply applying the cane to a backside willy nilly.  I even did some gentle ball whacking with a leather strap when he asked me to, and it was ok.  Nobody died. I told my Master later about that and he said "Don't get any ideas about doing that to me".   Giggle, of course not. 

The best part was the little noises of pain/pleasure. And the welts, feeling the warmth of his skin. That was pretty cool too.

Although, we then switched and he caned me and it was great! He said I seemed to respond even more than usual.  When I get caned, it is like having sex for me.  It is a real high.  I was thrashing and coming all over the place. 

It seems my fears have been soothed.


  1. So glad to hear it ended up being a positive experience for you :)


  2. I had wondered if it would be different with someone other than your Master. Sometimes it is easier to play a different role with a different person.


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