Saturday, October 22, 2016

Beatings and a Knife, also a Machete

Just one word:


I was kneeling on the floor wearing my robe, so I quickly threw it off to one side.  Master nudged my ass up, then pressed my head back down with his foot.  He was walking around behind me, getting things ready.

The first thing I felt was the heavy stick thudding into my rear and thighs.  I had been craving this.  I'd been worried that he didn't.
He brought out another stick, the arrow one, which is thinner but not the thinnest.  It felt really good, until he pulled me up by the collar and I was sucking him.  Then he hit really hard, straight down on my ass, which is extra super painful somehow.  I had trouble keeping my concentration on sucking.   

He told me to get flat on the floor, and he beat me even more with several canes.  Then he got out the machete.

He rolled me over and fucked me, holding the edge of the weapon to my throat.  Fright and lust overwhelmed me as my head lolled back, my eyes rolling around half open.  I came on his command, but I couldn't scrunch forward the way I usually do, since there was this big machete at my neck.  The orgasm ended early when I felt that, but started back up again, somehow, when he moved the blade.  

Master stopped fucking mw and laid me back on the floor for more beatings.   It gets sorta fuzzy right here, but eventually there was a sharp knife, scratching up my back, now down my butt.  He pushed my legs apart and there was the sharp knife poking at my sensitive bits, scratching and hurting.  I was whimpering then, but holding quite still.  He wanted me to come, but I was too afraid I'd hurt myself if I moved.  

He told me to get on my back, and he used the misery stick on my tits, my delicate nipples objecting to this, but I struggled to keep my hands out of the way when they wanted to rise up and protect. 

He took me into the bed and let me use the vibrator.  I had a great many orgasms, I don't even know how many, before he let himself come.   I am a very lucky slave, I know.   When I woke up this morning, I still had his come trickling out of me.  


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