Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Emotion Release

I was a sad and worried slave Monday night.  Master was gone.  I talked to my mom, which helped, but Tuesday morning the sad feelings were back.  Master came home and could tell right away.  He ordered up a quick breakfast from me, then told me to change into something else and kneel at his feet.  I felt warm, fuzzy and cared for cuddled up to his thigh, and some of my malaise started to fade.  

He had me suck him, and then took me upstairs.  He tied my arms together in front of me, then made me kneel and worship again.  He told me I better please him the best way I knew. Then he began with the worst thing of all, the holey paddle.  The thing is evil. 

 In no time at all I was crying.  He stood me up, told me to grab my dresser.   The holey paddle was the worst, but the arrow stick was also bad.  I continued to sob the whole time.  When he began using the whip I caught my breath, in the brief space between a new implement, but he quickly switched to his belt.   I struggled to calm down and stop crying.  It didn't work.  After a few sharp strikes in the center of my back I lost that battle and gave in to the serious wailing.  All the worries of the past month (mostly about our oldest kid) were streaming down my face and from my mouth.  It had little to do with the pain, but much more to do with my need to cry, although the pain was the very much needed instigator for emotion release.

He put me down on the floor, fucked me, and then spanked me again with the arrow stick.  I was completely in space by the time he stood me up and sent me to the bed for some long hard fucking.  He let me use the vibrator while I rode on top.  I don't even know how many orgasms I had that way.  The whole thing left us both wrung out exhausted, but happy.  

We were showered and out of the house by 11 am., even with all that, so that we could eat breakfast out and see Mystique for a short time before she needed to sleep (she works nights).   Master had worked at night too, but he'd been able to sleep some there (they have a bed for him). 

It was a grand day after all. 

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful day, despite it starting off in such a mood


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