Friday, October 14, 2016

Sex Slave

I love this part, the part where I'm thinking we are just going straight to sleep, and he's allowed me to get into the bed so I'm snuggled deep under the covers.  He's given no real indication that he wants me.  I had a splitting headache but took some pills for it and am better, but my earlier horniness is completely gone from when the headache started.  

I'm totally unprepared when he pulls back the covers and simply takes me.  I'm dry.  It hurts. He likes this; he loves that just him taking me this way will turn me on.  It does, eventually.   He fucks me, anyway, regardless of what I want, telling me that I'm his hole and he will treat me like his whore... well, it takes a few minutes of that sort of fucking to make me wet.   He slaps my face and I feel slightly ashamed to be such a hole.   So much unconsidered nothingness here.  But then he tells me to get a blanket to keep the sheets dry, and my vibrator, and I am grateful that he's going to let me come too.  

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  1. Heh, that's so hot! I love when Q does that to me. lol


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