Monday, October 24, 2016

Shower Time

We had to be out of the house EARLY for more canvassing (cries, why, god, why- everyone is at church on Sunday morning anyway- we live in a big churchy area)  so we didn't have time after breakfast for much of anything. I had made pancakes and sausages.

Master and I were getting ready to take a shower together, but he was so tempting, all naked there, that when I bent over to remove my socks, I gave his penis a kiss while I was down there.   It hardened instantly and he pulled my head down firmly; I knelt in front of him.  Then he pulled me to standing and bent me over the sink.  He fucked me for just a few minutes before saying we had to get going in the shower.  But he was distracted the whole time, getting me to stroke him, bending me over under the rushing water to rub his cock on my asshole, and finally commanding me to kneel and suck him.  At the last minute he pulled out of my mouth and showered me with his come. 

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