Saturday, October 8, 2016

Shamegasm, by DM

We were running late today, as usual. We almost never meet someone before 1:00 on a Saturday that I have off because on the rare days I get to stay in bed, I want to stay in bed. So there we were, trying to get ready to go, to be at the Democratic Headquarters at 10:00 for inspiring speeches an canvassing. ksst had missed my subtle signals that I wanted a quickie before our shower, and it was time to get moving. We hopped in the shower, washed, and hopped out. When I went up to get dressed, ksst was looking all sweet and naked and articulate, about how she was getting ready as fast as I was, and she had more to do, so I ordered her to kneel and suck. She did this readily, and sucked eagerly at my hardening cock. 
I pushed her back onto the floor and, pulling aside her panties, began to lick her cunt. ksst's lips swelled and moistened, and her nipples hardened, so I took her. She was dry and tight, but I worked my hard cock into her and began stroking in out. ksst loosened and moistened, and I began going faster and harder. Finally I ordered her to orgasm. ksst bit her lip and shook her head, and didn't. I went a little faster and harder, slapping her tits and playing with her nipples, and when she seemed close, ordered her to come again, but again she frowned and bit her lip and didn't. After not much longer- this was a quickie, after all- I came in her and ordered her to come one last time, and again she didn't. She didn't want to squirt and smell like sex while we were canvassing. 
I rolled her over, forcing my limp penis in her mouth and began spanking her with the broken paddle. Finally it was too much stimulation, and she came in her panties, soaking them. When ksst stood to clean herself off, cunt juices and my come drooled down her thighs. They were also all over her face from my cock. There was no time to shower again, so she cleaned up as best she could with baby wipes and slathered on some smelly hand lotion.
ksst was so ashamed thinking about walking around smelling like sex that she had refused to orgasm. But I persevered, and the shamegasm took her powerfully.



  1. Lucky ksst!

    Thanks for sharing DM

  2. I loved reading your account of what happened. I hope to see you writing more often. Im surprised thay ksst missed your subtle hints at hopes for a pre-shower quickie. I can only imagine they were very subtle.


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