Saturday, October 8, 2016

Life Is So Unfair

Fair is where they have the cotton candy and pony rides.  I know, I know.

I don't expect my life to be fair, but still, sometimes I really have to bite down HARD on my tongue.

Like this morning. He was giving me a hard time about how it takes me FOREVER to get ready.  Oh, the things I did not say.  I'm sure it is hardly wiser to write them here, but maybe they will seem funny after the fact.  

Things I have to do to get ready in the morning:
-Let dogs out
-Make breakfast
-Let some dogs in, and more dogs out. 
-Eat breakfast
-Wash dishes
-Let dogs in. I can't find one dog.  Say "fuck it"- I will come back to this later.  He's still in the yard somewhere because there is a fence.
-Find another towel while Master gets in the shower.
-Wash Master while I am standing on the cold side.  When he is all done and gets out I can wash myself.
-Shave my legs and armpits.  Cunt is currently required to be fuzzy.
-Dry hair and body.
-Put on make up.
-Get dressed.  Well, I attempted to get dressed but was waylayed by Master who wanted me to kneel and suck him.  Then he fucked me, which really hurt, and I smelled like cunt and had to change panties.   I put on some heavily scented lotion to try to cover up what was all over my face.  I'm hoping he's going to write more on that part in the blog because he said he wanted to.
-Wash up and finish getting dressed.
-Find my missing dog and put him inside.
-Gather all my stuff- coffee, phone, purse, shoes.

Ta-DA ready!

I still ended up being ready at the same time as Master.  Although we were both running half an hour late he wasn't that worried about making it to hear our senator's speech.  We canvassed 44 houses in about 3 hours, walking over 6 kilometers.  And I found 2 new Pokemon.  

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  1. Haha Pokemon. The light at the end of the tunnel.


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