Friday, October 28, 2016

Belt on Tuesday

Master told me to get ready for him, and to find his belt.   It had been a long time since that had made an appearance, and I had to search through a drawer and two toy bags before I found it under everything.  It's not his every day belt, or even the Philmont heavy leather belt (which he says does not like to hit me), but his old leather belt which is pretty much just for me now. 

I laid it out and got into position on the floor.  When he came in he began by snapping it across my thighs and ass.   Then he had me stand up and grab the dresser.  The belt snapped out. It was a shock all over again how much it hurt.  I guess I'd forgotten.  He got me warmed up with that, then switched to the floggers. I couldn't remember the last time I'd been flogged either, but it was painfully delightful.  Then he put me back on the floor and switched to the evil purse strap.  That thing has a bite to it, and he was wrapping it around the sides of my body to hit my breasts, which were hanging down as I knelt on hands and knees.

I was struggling to maintain that position and not scoot away in reaction to the pain, when one of his backswings must have snapped back on himself because he exclaimed in surprise, "Oooh, that hurts!"  This made me laugh, "Well, yeah." :)

Then he ordered me into bed and caned me while I sucked his cock.  This was tolerable until he switched to that dang holey paddle.  I wish it had never broken because then we wouldn't have it.  Only the handle is broken, but the part that is left still works well enough.  But I kept sucking, because what other choice is there?   It's so good for me.

After the caning we had some terrific fucking.  

So, that was our Tuesday, how about yours? 


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