Friday, October 28, 2016

Just A Bit of Silliness

Last night we were lying in bed just cuddling and talking and Master wanted me to tell him a story.  I did.  It started out to be the story of how we met, but changed into fiction along the way.  It was super romantic with knights and jousting and virgins and only a little bit of spanking.  Of course, he was the knight.   

Afterward he said "I like that story; you make me sound so nice." 

I said, "You are nice".

He said, "You have to say that."

I answered, "I do?  Or what, there will be punishments?"

Him:  "Oh yes."

Me, considering, "What kind of punishments?"

Him:  stares

Me: "Tummy blows?"

Him: "Yes, lots of them".

Me: "Well, then, you're definitely always nice to me."


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