Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Discretion and Temptation

Sometimes I get the very wicked temptation to say the wrong thing out loud.

Today, for example.

I met a group of people at a Pokemon raid bright and early this morning because the new raid boss came out last night.  They are not exactly friends but not strangers either since we have become acquainted through Pokemon Go.   Most of them were talking about work, how they had to finish up this raid and then get to their jobs by 9:00.   One had already been to work, and then ran out to do this raid but had to be back for a meeting.  I wanted to say something about why I couldn't stay and do raids all morning, but the truth would have been highly inappropriate.  

It would have been something like "I have to get back to my job as a sex slave in case my Master wants to beat me and fuck me when he gets home."  

So I said nothing.

Discretion, I have it!  

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