Tuesday, November 7, 2017

KOTW: Cutting and Tearing (Clothing)

The cutting and tearing of clothing is an enjoyable and hot thing for my Master and for me.  The picture above is the aftermath of one such play session.  I had stockings and panties which were shredded either by his hands or a knife or both.  Those white flecks are not camera artifacts, but bits of fabric. 

The violence is the main reason it is so exciting.  Other than that, I'm not sure I could explain it.   It's just hot.  It's violating, violent, delicious.

Because he is a kind Master, he often asks me if I'm wearing some of my favorite panties before he cuts them off, or he tells me to wear some that are not my favorites ahead of time.   I have had to go out and buy more underwear just for the reason of losing so many this way!  It's way more fun than just letting them wear out.  



  1. Very nice image...and such a good reason to need to buy new underwear. :)

  2. Yes I am totally with on this, the violence of it is intoxicating


  3. I think its passionate and controlling - that's why I like it. Great image BTW

  4. Lovely image! That would definitely inspire me to buy new panties.


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