Monday, November 6, 2017

TMI Tuesday: For something different

We are to create a story using these words:  
Albert Einstein
Olive Oil
Eight (8)
He was dragging her across the kitchen floor by one arm.  As he did so, he kicked the fallen eggbeater out of his way, heading toward the bedroom, railing at her the whole time,
 "Who do you think you are, Albert Einstein?  Do you think you are better than me? You have that fancy fucking degree from college and here I'm just working for a living so you think you're better than me?  Smarter?  I don't think so, you dumb bitch." 
He made an abrupt detour away from the bedroom toward the living room. 
Toward the Closet.  
She peered out from wet lashes at the rain streaking down the window above the sofa on the far side of the room.  All around, the empty walls where pictures of smiling children should have been.
"You're just a whore now Missy! A dumb whore!"  With this declaration he threw her into the closet and locked the door.   She counted eight breaths in and eight breaths out, trying to calm herself in preparation for what she knew was coming next.  She didn't know if that would be in minutes or hours.

Two minutes later he returned and snatched open the closet door. 

"Bend over the couch" he snarled, unscrewing the cap to the bottle of olive oil.  
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  1. Great minds think alike - I have one even darker! But that's coming tomorrow. It needs some editing since it got very dark. My TMI Tuesday post is a lot lighter.

  2. excellent - really want a part two!

  3. Fantastic. Love your ending too. xx

  4. Wow, very dark, but I liked it a lot!


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