Thursday, November 2, 2017


We shower together once or twice a week.   This time he didn't want me to wash him, and he didn't want to wash me.  He stepped in after I'd already started and told me to kneel.   He held his cock and I knew what was coming.  After he'd started pissing on me, he told me to stand, turn around, and bend over.   He pissed on my cunt, told me to come, which I did with the warmth trickling across me.  He raised up his aim and pissed on my ass.   Then he turned me around and told me what a nasty hole I was, as I grinned up at him.  Then he got out of the shower, leaving me to finish washing myself in the warmth. 


  1. What do you think about the ridiculous and dangerous excesses of hashtagMeToo?

    The people who dominate the feminist movement wilfully mix up serious sex crimes with bad taste or boorish behaviour to inflate the statistics so that most people become either victims or perpetrators, i.e .men (Strangely enough some submissives go along this this)

    P.S Some articles for you to read. Two of them will help you keep up your French.

    1. I support the #metoo movement and don't consider it dangerous or excessive at all. I consider myself a feminist. I don't think being a submissive means we want any women to be abused or harassed or assaulted in any way. I think you may have the wrong blogger to look to for support on an anti-women agenda. I posted a #metoo on FB. I also support the men I know who also joined because they were victims of either assault or harassment.

    2. I agree that being a sub doesnt mean we support abuse or harrassment of women. Also, BIKSS talked about being peed on recently so perhaps we might experiment with that. We've mentioned it briefly a number of times. Might I write you an email for your thots on the matter?

    3. Fondles, are you on Fetlife? You can send me a message there if you want. My name is twuntalope_ksst there.

    4. oh, no I'm not. would you write me?

    5. I'm not allowed to give out my emails.


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