Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Whip and Hood

Yesterday was Master's day off and we spent the afternoon engaged in some fun debauchery.

He had me blow him (not to a finish) first, and in between sessions of fellatio, he paddled me with the cutting board and the cane.   We watched some terrible pornography.  

The dialogue! 

"You must really want this, you even bought duct tape!"  

Yes, someone actually said this in a porno.  I couldn't do anything but laugh until the paddle hit the same spot again and again and I stopped laughing.

My Master fucked me as I bent over the kitchen table, still with the porn in front of us.

Then we went upstairs.  He had me on the floor, fucking me from behind, then pulled me upright and up against my dresser. He whipped me with his heavy belt, and the bull whip. I was driven to orgasm by this whipping.   There was fucking and sucking and more caning.  He brought out the hood and set it on top of my head, pulling it only half way down so my mouth was still available.  I was on my knees in front of him, sucking and half-hooded.   He had the machete now, which he used to beat me as I pleasured him.  This is challenging, just so you know!

He pulled the hood down completely then and buckled it on.  He helped me up and guided me to my spot against the dresser.  I breathed in and out, inhaling the leather scent of the hood and hearing my own breath sounds magnified in my ears.  Everything became more intense and concentrated by the hood.  Master began to flog me.  I danced around a bit when it became painful, and he kept going.  I could feel the whip marks from the bullwhip re-stung by the floggers.  

Then he came up close behind me, grabbing me around the neck and by one of my breasts, squeezing hard.  I yelped a little, and he told me to orgasm.  Wetness dripped down both my legs.  Master led me to the bed and fucked me with the dildo, using the Hitachi on me at the same time until I was a wrung out from so many orgasms.  Then he fucked me until he came too. 

 It was an amazing time.  He asked me later which part was my favorite, but I think all the parts were my favorites.


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