Friday, February 16, 2018

Fit For Friday 3

2/9  5 carbs, one 20 minute walk indoors.

2/10 PIZZA DAY  1 million carbs (or so), no walking to speak of.

2/11 17 carbs, a 20 minute walk indoors plus a 3 mile outdoor walk in the snow around the lake with Master. A beautiful day, still cold though.

2/12  9.5 carbs, one 10 minute walk in deep snow, plus another walk later outside for 20 minutes.

2/13 44 carbs after an unexpected lunch out.  It was really good though.   40 minute walk outside. 

2/14  Went out for Indian food with Dr.Peter.  Carbs=oh fuck it, I have no idea.  Dinner was leftovers from the restaurant.  Walked 20 minutes outside.

2/15  8 carbs.  SOOO hard to stick to a diet that day. I asked Mystique and Sarahnade to help me when we went out to lunch, to not allow me to order pancakes and French toast. And they didn't.  We walked about 30 minutes outside while waiting for Sarahnade to get done with her physical therapy. 

I lost one more pound this week. 


  1. It is fantastic to hear other people’s experiences with a lifestyle situation that is so honest and real.

  2. Hi- Great job this week. Just curious on what you are eating with such low carbs? Are you also tracking total calories? 1 lb a week is good- healthy way to lose weight!

    1. I don't track calories. I look at the package of everything I buy, or I look it up online to find out the carbs. I measure out my snacks of things like nuts to make sure I don't eat too much. Most meats and cheeses and eggs have no carbs, so I eat a lot of that. It's really not a balanced diet, but I'll be changing eventually to add fruit and vegetables. I might eat an occasional lettuce or stick of celery. And take vitamins.

  3. You've done so great with your walking! More walking everyday than not!

    1. I'm really enjoying it too. It was so hard not to be able to walk when my foot was sore.

  4. Good on you, especially with the walking, you are doing great with your goals :)



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