Wednesday, February 7, 2018

When Nipple Clamps Attack

Choosing nipple clamps came back to bite me in the erm, nipple, of all places, right? 

Master had me kneeling at his feet, wearing the nipple clamps,  with a butt plug in, trying my best to give a blow job and not moan too much.  Difficult!  I cried when he took the clamps off, when all the blood rushes back in, just when you think it can't get any worse, that's the worst part.

He got so close he couldn't hold back anymore, and came all over my tits.   He said I'd earned a beating, in a good way.  So he took me upstairs and started with a little "warm up" with the belt.  He put the hood over my head and tightened it down.  My ass and back were soon warm, that's for sure.   He switched to the single tail whip, leaving some little stingy lines up and down.  Then he got out the evil, evil stick.  It has a name, which suits it "The Misery Stick".  It's very thin.   His swings were HARD too.  I was jumping about a little.  After thoroughly "sticking it" to me ( I know, I know, I'm in one of those moods) he soothed me with a nice long flogging.  

He had me find my way to the bed by feel, wearing the hood.  I know just where each piece of furniture is, from feeling my way by night many times, so I just felt along until I was there, and then flopped down on my back, hoping he would give my poor bruised backside a rest.   He took off the hood and had me suck him until he was hard enough to fuck me again.  It felt so good and tight with the butt plug in.  Master use the Hitatchi on me and made me come a few times before we snuggled down into bed to relax.    I was extremely cold at that time, in reaction to the play I get very cold.  So I snuggled a lot.   We got up and took a shower eventually, where I knelt to receive my usual anointing.    


  1. Hi there! Can you tell me what a Hitatchi is? Amy

  2. It's a super vibrator:

  3. I'm glad you were able to have a good time together.

    If it is too cold, it is very difficult for me to be in the moment. Cold is a huge deal for me. I'm talking about being cold everywhere; a freezing room. Not like the use of an ice cube or something. Shivering is not sexy (maybe for some?)

    1. The room wasn't hot, but I didn't even notice the cold until we were done and I was coming down. It is one of the symptoms of coming down from a hard session for me, becoming extremely cold no matter what the actual temperature is. It has something to do with hormones?

  4. What would we day dream about if our lives were nothing but fantasy?


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