Friday, February 9, 2018

Fit For Friday Number 2

Fit For Friday Results

It is the day to weigh in, and I ate SO MUCH last night.  I need to go do it though.   

2/2 12.5 carbs, 30 minutes of walking/jogging and stair climbing in the house

2/3  This was our day to go out to eat with friends, so I had a total of 41 carbs for the day.  I walked for 20 minutes plus shoveled snow and did outside chores for an hour.

2/4  5 carbs, 20 minute walk in the house.  I wasn't feeling that great at night, a little nauseated.   I got up and had a piece of cheese.

2/5  11.5 carbs.  I did a 15 minute cardio dance work out video from You Tube for variety, and also later on a 10 minute walk interspersed with stairs.  I was feeling good until about 10 at night, and then sick again.   

2/6  10 carbs.   I did a 15 minute walk outside and 10 minutes later on inside.   Feeling good, but really hungry before dinner.

2/7  Went out for lunch, but stayed on the diet.  5 carbs.   15 minutes of walking in the house, with some stairs.  Feeling really full after dinner.  

2/8 About 40 carbs yesterday.  We went out to eat again, and it is really tough not having a bit of everything they put in front of you when it is all so good- our favorite Japanese restaurant does everything wonderfully.
   I worked out with a Zumba video for 20 minutes, inventing (possibly) a new thing I call Zumba with puppies.  You may have heard of goat yoga.  This is something like that.  Puppy Zumba involves a large puppy leaping on you and also you have to constantly stoop and reach to rescue her ball which she keeps rolling under the coffee table.   Later on I went for a 25 minute walk outdoors, which was really great, if cold, since it was only about 7 degrees here.   

Here is a picture from my Tuesday walk.  It was -9F that day. 

Edit to add: I lost 1 pound this week. 


  1. Puppy Zumba sounds fun and TIRING!! Good on the weight loss and for braving the cold to walk!

    1. Thank you! I was feeling a bit discouraged and could use all the kind words.

  2. Puppy Zumba- Love it but then again I love everything Zumba! When you list your Carbs- are those the total Grams for the day? or the % of Carbs based on your Macro %?

    1. That is the total carbs in grams for the day.

    2. Thanks! Those are all low numbers so great job!

  3. I have seen goat yoga! Get your guy to video tape puppy Zumba and you might be onto the next hottest workout fad. :) Great job on moving, even though it's COLD.

  4. Love the puppy zumba also. Good for you for getting out there in the cold, I prefer outdoor walks, but with it is below 30 I always wimp out and go to the walking circuit.
    hugs abby

  5. Love the puppy Zumba. Good effort and well done on losing the 1 pound.
    Hugs Lindy xx

  6. You are acing it with those carbs, seriously. I don't even know how many I eat. Definitely over 100 grams per day!

    That is a lovely photo. I feel like I can smell the crisp air. And hooray for the pound lost!

  7. That's great!! It sounds like you did A LOT and puppy zumba is hysterical. Good for you. Plus, that's a beautiful picture. Thanks for posting it.

  8. Congratulations on all the exercise and losing the pound. You have done heaps! Love the Puppy Zumba. That sounds like a real workout! lol



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