Tuesday, February 6, 2018

TMI Tuesday: Choices and Choices

1. Pancakes or waffles?

Now that's just cruel.

2. Steak or Lobster?

Neither.  I used to love steak, but I can't eat it anymore.  My stomach has a problem with any beef.

3. Freckles or dimples?

Oh, dimples.  Take a look at Trevor Noah.

4. Board games or video games?

Board games for sure.  I'm not much for video games.

5. Dress up or dress down?

I like both.  Mostly down I guess, but I also like to wear a skirt and go out.  Skirts aren't the best for farm work.  They get full of hay.

6. Backseat of car or kitchen  counter? (Of course I’m talking about a spontaneous place to have sex)

Having tried both, the kitchen counter is way more comfortable.  Now, the back of a van that is full of hay also has possibilities.

7. Nipple clamps or handcuffs? Tell us why you chose your particular sexual encounter enhancement?

I love/hate nipple clamps.  I have never tried handcuffs but I know a few people that got lasting nerve damage from using them.  I would take leather cuffs for $100, Alex.
But of just the two choices, I pick nipple clamps (ow!).

Bonus:  How was your weekend? Would you like to repeat it or never see that weekend again?

It was pretty good.  Our plan to go out to dinner with the whole munch group was foiled by a snow storm, so we ended up with only the most local (and closest friends) going out to dinner somewhere much closer to us.  This was a lot of fun, even if the food wasn't the best.  I worried that the other person would not get my message and wonder why we didn't show up, but it turned out they had a decent size group up there, so that was a relief.  I hated to think of him waiting all by himself at the restaurant.

Master and I had a bit of playtime Saturday night and Sunday night which involved (see above) nipple clamps!  And having me tied down by my leash.  I may have been sleepy, but never too sleepy for that.



  1. **Lasting nerve damage?!**
    Must'a been some heavy restraints there.

    1. It was metal police type handcuffs and a lot of flailing about.

  2. I love our handcuffs but they are a soft leather or we have satin ribbons or playful bondage. Nipple clamps?! Sounds dreadful. Ouch!!!


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