Saturday, February 9, 2013

Poly on my mind

These were questions posed in the Owners/property group on Fetlife, and my answers.  
Were you having poly relationships prior to entering into O/p, or was your first experience with poly within an O/p relationship?
Property, if your first experience of poly was because you are owned, is it something you would have considered if you were not owned?

I would never have considered a poly relationship before I became a slave. There was a whole mind shift that came about for me, in which my Master had a huge role. It wasn't just "I own you, you will do what or whom I say" although that was certainly an very real (and hot!) aspect. It was also about an opening up of possibilities and self discovery, through being forced to release other long held inhibitions. There was a dwindling and then vanishing of previous negative thoughts on the whole idea of polyamory . Like I said, a lot of this came about from how Master handled me. And the fact that he did handle me, and massage my brain, was almost totally due to my being his slave.

Do you feel there are any specific experiences or reactions you have because you are in O/p specifically as the result of O/p? If so could you tell us about these please? Were they ones you might have expected or not?

YES. Absolutely. I think all of my reactions/experiences are different. I specifically enjoy being discussed, being unconsulted, having him and her decide things without me. I still only have one Owner, that has not changed. A couple months ago there were some things we discussed about hierarchy, submission, service and the time and place for all of those. I needed to get all these things sorted out in my own mind, through talking to my Master, so I could be sure I was behaving the way he wanted me to.

The other main thing is that as his property, I do not control what he does, so if he decides he wants another slave, that is up to him. That is so totally different from how I was thinking in the pre-slavery days. It is all topsy turvy, upside down here in the rabbit hole. He was absolutely up front about it when I became his slave, also, that he would not necessarily be monogamous, but he would always be up front about it with me. And I agreed; that was what slavery meant to me as well.


  1. Its a difficult one this because yes absolutley as his property i dont get to control his decisions, but as my Owner has has a responsibility to consider my needs, my emotional as well as my physical welfare.

    We have played with othersmnot for a long time though and for the most part i enjoyed it, would i be happy if he aquired another slave? absolutley not, i guess i dont have that mindset, as it happens its not something that he has any interest in so its not relevant.

    Saying that i do think if all re happy with the arrangement poly can be a wanderful experience, its just not an experience that appeals to me.


  2. I think being poly and having someone join you adhoc is absolutely different. In fact, having two dominants and/or the occasional girl/boy join, nope not poly to me. I consider myself monogamous in a polyamory relationship. There are 3 of us, 2 girls and 1 boy, we all serve the same M/F couple. Others come and go, fleetingly adding to the numbers, they "scene" as one offs too. Yes, it gets very busy at times! However, I surrender to them, they are my core element, I see no one else, unless they wish me to serve others. If more than just me serve, our focus is still on Master and Mistress, which is why I feel mono in an poly relationship. We are all cared for, secure (which took me years to accomplish) and happy. Does my stomach does a turn if another appears (we joke re a stable full)? yes, but only because honestly there are some time wasters out there and I don`t want anyone want M/M upset/used or disappointed. I don't compete with any of them, I simply cannot with slim 21 year old nubiles lol (I am in my 40`s) but at the end of the day, it is a working relationship for us all, hard work at times, but worth ever single moment. Please don`t think for a minute, I am a laid back, calm person, not at all, quite the fiery at times, I think a lot of it for me was acceptance

    1. I sometimes wonder why 21 year olds have to be sooooo 21. I mean, I was at one point that girl, but I didn't appreciate it, nope, nope. Ah well. I appreciate what I have now.


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