Sunday, February 24, 2013

Anger Management

Master came home absolutely livid about the Wal-Tart here.   He told me he was in a thoroughly bad mood now and I should do something to cheer him up.  I said, "Well, you could beat me and call me Wal-Tart". 

He gave a few spanks to my butt, then a few more.  He started grinning.  I started getting wet.  Then a few more spanks.  He told me to come, and I did.  I said "I bet Wal-Tart doesn't get to orgasm".  

Then he strode off upstairs and ordered me to follow him.   When I got there, just behind him, he was already pulling out the long, thin wooden panel.  I dropped my pants.

"Bend over" he said.

He started whaling on my butt really hard, and then had me suck his cock.  He called me "Wal-Tart", the dirty whore who deserved an cock up her ass.   I giggled. 

Soon he was all cheered up.  

One of my many functions.


  1. That is the best part, making them happy again. I hate it when She is sad, I do everything I can to make Her smile

  2. I agree, I love making him happy again.


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