Sunday, February 10, 2013


We had a Great!  Awesome! Wonderful! night last night!   I'd been looking forward to this event since I first got the approval from Master to get tickets and we were not disappointed.    There is a new group in a nearby town, and this was their first event.    There was a great turnout, even though this is the same weekend as MadTownKinkFest and a lot of people were down there.  

For the Mardi Gras theme, I borrowed a fancy mask from Mystique.   I asked Master what I should wear with it and his answer was "Nothing at all, maybe some beads and ropes."   Of course, we had to get IN to the place first, so I dressed up, only to be undressed shortly after arriving.  Master looked very handsome in his suit and tie.   We looked like we had just come from attending church, in fact.     We fail at the kink-wear stuff, but who cares.  

Master tied my hands and feet to a cross, and gave me a long and hefty beating with many implements.   I was flying pretty good and did not notice I was getting bruised and cut.  This morning I seem to somewhat asymmetrical- one side is bruised and the other side has whip marks.   Doesn't matter, we both had a wonderful time.  After a short break of watching what other people were up to he put me in the stocks, and saying "Don't go anywhere",  left me there for a time on my own, naked except for ropes, collar and beads.   Then he returned and after a little spanking fondled me and made me orgasm.  I twisted and strained against the stocks, but of course couldn't move.  I forgot to keep my head up, and the pressure on my neck made me cough.   It was all together hot, and I believe the bruise on my shoulder came from ramming it into the stocks.

This will be To Be Continued because Master wants his breakfast....


  1. Hurry up and cook this slave wants all the details.

  2. Heh heh, cooking done, now back to writing. :)

  3. lol, @cooking done.

    The asymmetrical pattern might be intentional, have you asked? F likes to use asymmetrical pain on purpose, because it irritates me more, and I think about it longer and harder. :)

  4. I did not ask. I think it was probably due to the space and the swinging radius he had. At least he said he stopped using the single tail because he was concerned about people being near by and not sure of the reach of the whip. BTW- still very sore this morning. :)


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