Saturday, February 23, 2013


Waiting patiently on my knees, I did not expect anything except the order to go to bed.   Master entered, walked past me.  He was singing under his breath.   Behind me I heard the drawer open and my insides made a little squiggly jump.   His foot nudged me in the back, tipping me forward and putting my face on the floor.   He lifted my robe and threw it over my head.   I felt the paddle strike my ass.   It got harder and harder until I was biting my robe to keep from making noises.   He went on beating me with that and the cane until I was dripping down my thighs.  

He turned me over roughly and said he was going to rape me, so I better try to get away.   I struggled to push him away, told him "No, stop" and fought until he whispered in my ear "Lie still or I'll fucking kill you".   It froze me paralyzed.  On one side of my mind I realized it was part of the game and on the other I felt it was a very serious game.   I stayed still.  For a bit.  Then he said I could fight back because "You rape too easy."    I managed to squirm away out from under him, and scoot across the floor on my knees.   He took the paddle and whapped me with it hard a few times, then dragged me back down my my ankle.

Fucking me again, his face close to my ear, he threatened to sew up my cunt using fishing hooks and line, only leaving a small hole out of which to pee.  He described it in detail, and it scared me.   I wanted to say NO, but when he asked me what I thought of that only "Whatever you want, Master" came out of me.  

He told me to get on the bed and raise my legs.  He took the single tail whip to the backs of my thighs and ass in that position and I lay there knowing it was only a matter of time before it hit my exposed cunt.  When it finally did I cried out at the sharp pain, and, his objective accomplished, he rolled me over and fucked me from behind.


  1. Oooh. My Master has made very dark threatening and scary remarks about not only killing me but dismembering my lifeless body and disposing of it so that it'll never be found. He didn't particularly sound like He was joking. I, too, sat there and stared..wide eyed and a little terrified, but the shivers down my spine were good ones oddly enough. I know in my heart that He would never do such a thing (I think). He's not a total sociopath. (I..think?)
    Oh well :) I still love Him. Lol!


  2. "I wanted to say NO, but when he asked me what I thought of that only "Whatever you want, Master" came out of me."

    You know that made one laugh out loud... and waste a little morning mouse :D

  3. My master has talked about cutting off my clit...oh very scarry. But i said the same thing of "whatever you want Master".


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