Friday, February 1, 2013

A Hazy Shade of Winter

After a brief thaw, the mercury is dropping again.   This morning it was -10 F here.  

Yesterday is hazy for me.  Some things I remember clearly, others I'm still trying to piece together.

I slept badly, but stayed in bed, not really getting up until 7:00.  We had gotten 10 inches of snow (or thereabouts) the day before, so Master was up at 6:30 shoveling.   I made breakfast, broke some more kindling on the back porch in my fluffy robe and slippers (that was brisk) and built a fire.   I cleaned the house, doing the general pick up and sweeping/vacuuming.  

Mystique came over and we didn't wait long before I was being told by Master to get over his lap.  He pulled up my skirt and gave me a spanking while I sucked down some strap on penis.  Then they swapped ends, and I sucked his cock and she spanked me.   This is where it gets all fuzzy.  I don't know what happened next, or after that,  until I had a hook in my cunt, and she was smacking my pussy.  At the same time Master was hitting me with the riding crop.  They both kept telling me to wait and not cum, and I was on the verge of orgasm maybe 5 or 6 times, but managed to hold off before I just couldn't take it anymore.  I squirted all over her lap. 

Myst pushed me off and ordered me to clean up where I had  made such a puddle.   I tried  to get a towel, and she said "Really, a towel?" The hook fell out of my cunt, clunk, on the floor.    With a thrill and shock of embarrassment I knew what she wanted, and I used my tongue to lick up my own cum.   As I did I could feel my pussy clenching with desire, wanting to come again.   

Then we are back to hazy-ville, a favorite vacation spot of mine.   They both had me in every position, switching off to use a crop or other implement on me, or both at once, fucking mouth and cunt.    At one point I was bent over the couch and she whipped me.  Evidently I begged for this (?) and also begged for pictures of the marks when she was done, although all I remember is the steady swishing and stinging of the whip.  During this my Master held my wrists so I was stretched up tight.  The pictures show me bent over, gripping the sides of my head with both my own hands entwined in my hair.

There was much pinching of my tits and inner thighs with long nails.  This hurt so bad I wanted to scream.  I think all I got out was shaking my head and mumbling "Nu, nuh, nuh"  (the beginning of no) and then when I thought I couldn't stand it anymore I would start coming explosively hard.  

Finally as I rode Myst's strap on cock Master got behind me and fucked my ass.  Yeah, it hurt, but not severely, and it felt so good at the same time.  It was the kind of hurt that I can just lean on, bring into my body, savor,  and it leaves nothing but the wild and animal thoughts in my head.

After, I slumped in a pile, feeling like everything was wrung from me.   There was some talking around me, possibly I was talking too, and eventually I had to go get cleaned up because we were going out for lunch.   I was pretty much spaced out through all of lunch,  laughing and happy, more than slightly tipsy on endorphins.  

Thus the warning "Do Not Drive or Operate Heavy Machinery"  after this kind of use.   

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