Monday, February 4, 2013

Weekend munch

This weekend we went to a munch/flogging/whips demo and had an awesome time.  
Master tried out a fun toy on me, a flogger made of what looked like leather boot laces.   It was pretty hurty compared to the average flogger; most of them are just relaxing or massage-like.

Also, he used a single tail whip on me as a bit of a warm up.  The problem with these demos, though, is that we always have to stop and do something else just when I'm getting into it.  Still, it is better than nothing.   I'm such a slut for this.

He also got to beat some other people who asked for it.  Fun fun!  Beatings for everyone!

    I have to say when Myst looked at Master and asked him if she could use me I got a deep down thrill.    Even little bits of objectification get me all excited.  It is the reminder that I am not my own, I am his, and the reminder is coming from outside of the two of us.

One topic was frontal flogging, and she was doing a safety lecture on avoiding the face, and knowing what you are doing before beating on the front of someone and so on. 

 My Master was sitting across the table from me, his flogger in hand.   He doubled it up, reached over and flopped it gently on my cheeks, saying "Yeah, they really hate it when you do this".     Hmmmph.   I'm pretty sure I was glaring daggers.

I was called up again for the demo of breast flogging, and according to orders, removed my shirt and undershirt but left my bra on.  About midway through Myst commented on the fact that I was wearing a padded bra.   I said that way I couldn't feel as much since they were still sore from last time.  "Oh, you mean like this?" she asked and dug fingernails into my boob, hard, nearly dropping me to my knees.  Oh yeah, just like that.  :)

Like I said, slutty.

I'm not even going to go into what was happening with me when the whip cracking noises were going on.  Let's just say it was damp and wiggly time. 

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