Tuesday, February 19, 2013

All over the place (still in Vegas)

I seem to be keeping really busy here.  I thought I'd have a lot more time to get bored. 

Recap of the events so far:

Sunday night we met with a M/s couple that Master knew from Fetlife.  She is attending the same conference here that he is.  That was fun.  We had some drinks in a bar at the Luxor, and then went to an Irish Pub type place.  We really hit it off well, I thought, and had interesting discussions of history, what books to read, kinky stuff and vet medicine.  Topics were all over the place.

Then Master and I headed back to the hotel room to watch the Walking Dead.   I was going to play on the computer while he watched because I don't like zombie shows, but he told me to crouch down on the floor by the bed instead.   He got the cane and proceded to tap, tap, tap on me with it in a rhythmic, light and after a while, highly annoying way for the better part of the show.   I kind of wanted to be left alone, or else just full out play, rather than this whatever it was he was doing.

When he told me to get up and lean over the bed I said, "No Master, I don't want to".  He told me again, more forcefully, and I said no, please, no, as politely as I could.  He got a real edge in his voice then and told me AGAIN.   I leaned over the bed.   He beat and fucked me for a long time, and it was quite awesome.  I felt bad that I hadn't liked the first bit, and also that he interrupted his show to beat me when I wasn't sure he really wanted to.   Anyway, my head was all screwed with that night, but my body was happy.  I'm not sure if there is any moral or conclusion to draw from this, but that is how it happened.

In the morning he let me wash him in the shower, which I don't get to do often at home, and I thoroughly enjoy doing it.

We had a bit of a discussion about the night before.  It started out bad, with me telling him he was doing it wrong, then him trying to hit me with the cane, and me running and hiding my ass in the bed to avoid him, but he got me anyway with it.

  I told him what was going wrong with my head, that it hurt me that he had told me he only was playing with me because I looked pouty and unhappy.  He apologized for giving me confusing messages about whether he did or did not want to play during his favorite show.  He said next time he would just make me wait til it was over.  

We had a quick breakfast at Starbucks and then I walked to the convention with him.  We were laughing and joking the whole way.  Everything was all better.   On the way back I did a little window shopping.  I looked at some VERY impractical shoes. 

My twat was sore all day, from the fucking and the caning of the night before.

Before we met for lunch, I stopped by a salon for a manicure.  That was quite nice- it was my first one by a professional.

We ate at the buffet with a bunch of friends.  It was not great food, ok, but not great.

When Master came back to the hotel room that night he was tired and sore.  I fetched him some water, and rubbed his feet and legs.

We met his uncle, cousin and his cousin's son at Dick's bar/ restaurant.  That was a great and rowdy time.  Master's relatives that live here in Vegas have been good friends to me as well, and they are some really fun people.   Dick's is a crazy place where they give you paper hats to wear with rude things written on them, like "I'm not a slut but my mom is"  or "I heart anal", things of that nature.

I got quite toasty with a tall drink called a "Golden Shower" which was Sprite, vodka, Redbull and peach schnapps.  Heavy on the vodka. Master was drinking Guiness. 

A few more bars and drinks later and it was time to totter/stagger back to the hotel room.  I collapsed on the bed with the room spinning wildly.  Master told me to strip, then flogged and whipped me with a single tail.  It felt great in a floaty, room- spinny kind of way.
He fucked me long and hard, with many orgasms along the path.  I don't think he was anywhere near as drunk as I was. 

Morning came very early, and I was woken by him spreading my legs roughly and thrusting into my dry and tight cunt.  I moaned and he asked if it hurt. 

"Yes, Master" I said.

"Good." he said, and thorougly fucked me rough and hard.

Ahhh, a good start to any day. 

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