Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Strippers 'N' Sex

Last night we went to a strip club.  It is Vegas after all.  Master's friend knows the owner of a club, so he sent round a party bus for us (6 in our party).

It is slightly different going to a club as a slave, than it was as a free person. For a start, Master thinks it shouldn't just be the strippers taking off clothes.  I had worn many layers, in anticipation, and he kept removing them one by one until I was barely decent.  And by barely I mean not really decent at all.   He kept pulling down my one remaining garment.  Not that I am a shy, retiring flower, but really, if I had any say I probably would have kept my clothes on in front of all his friends.  

In addition, and this was a positive, he ordered all my drinks for me and cut me off when he decided I'd had enough.  This was a great help because I would otherwise have kept drinking until it went to excess, and I would have been sorry about that later.  

When we got back to the hotel room he went to the bathroom while I stripped and waited on my knees for him, with only my collar on.  Master walked right up to me and without a word stuck his cock in my mouth.  After a minute he stopped me, pulled me up by the hair and led to the bed, where he threw me down on my face.  He used the cane on me hard, my thighs and butt were stinging and I was wiggling and moaning.  He made me come.   Then he fucked me for a long time, with intermitant breaks for more caning.  For some reason the most painful position for this is when I lie on my back with both legs straight up.  The backs of my thighs and edge of my bottom get the worst of it.

Don't think I'm complaining, though; I loved every minute even when it hurt like heck.

In the morning once again he took me with no warning or preparation.  A dry and painful fuck for the first minute or so.  Then many screaming orgasms!  He made me bite a pillow so as not to disturb our hotel neighbors.  I'm pretty sure they heard me anyway.  


  1. Sounds like a great time. Love it when one gets to that space when you know your getting caned hard but you just want it harder and you don't want it to be end.

  2. Peeps in thinking there is not enough alcohol to make caning enjoyable on any level

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