Sunday, February 10, 2013

Yo Quiero!

Master's pancakes are done, he has eaten, and I have washed the dishes now.   The coffee is cold, but I'm still drinking it.  Last night was a late one. 

Back to last night:

Master sat down and ordered me to my knees.   I threw my towel on the ground and knelt between his legs.  Always know where your towel is, my hoopy froods, especially if you party naked.   Unfortunately the same did not apply to my underwear.  I guess I misplaced them sometime last night.   I carry a spare pair in the toy bag for such occurrences.  

He unzipped his pants and I slurped his cock up eagerly.  He's got me trained pretty well to orgasm while giving him blow jobs, so very shortly I was on the verge of it.  He saw it in my body and ordered me to come.   He pushed my head down and held me there, not breathing, gagging, until he was happy with that result and then let me continue. 

He pushed me off himself and ordered me to bend over a chair.  Master took me from behind and almost immediately I slipped off the chair and had my face on the floor, on my helpful towel.   It was also the only protection for my knees from the hard floor.  I received a hard fucking from Master, my eyes tightly closed so I could pretend (ha) no one was watching/ noticing.   It felt so good though, pretty soon I didn't care about that, or if I was making noises or not.  When he was done I sat up, and you know how all that air gets pumped into a cunt through vigorous fucking in that position?  Well, the air has to come back out again.   I was really glad the music was good and loud at that point.   

Then there was the fucking machine.  It vibrates and it is way fun. I came over and over again until my legs were shaking so bad I could hardly stand up.

It was time to head out before our carriage turned into a pumpkin.  I managed to find my way back into clothes, except for those missing panties (yay for the spare pair).   We said our goodbyes to friends.

 On the way home, at 1:00, Master got the early morning cravings for some Yo Quiero!  Oh, man, that was sooo not on my diet but food hardly ever tasted so good.  I got one of those chicken cheese quesadillas.  

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  1. Well worth the wait. Sounds like a great time, glad you had some background music.


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