Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Extra Birthday Spankings and Extra Orgasms

Tuesday I was visiting Mystique.  After a nice long walk with three very excited dogs ( Yay!  Walkies!) she told me to call Master to ask if I could get some more birthday spankings.  This is part of my rules, that I have to ask first.  So I called him at work, and he said yes.  

She had a new Corian lollipop paddle, rather like This One but in black.  Since she got it in the same place, I'm thinking it might be just like that one.   

I enjoyed being over her knees and receiving my warm up and then 43+1 to grow on spankings.   That paddle sure left me aching for the rest of the day, on top of the cane bruises from the night before.

That night Master was home, and we watched some Dr. Who.  Master spanked me quite hard during the show, mainly my inner thigh.  And punched me.  And held me down by the throat to make me come.

Then at bedtime he had me do his toenails.  I'm getting used to this service now- I was so nervous about it at first and I have no idea why.  We went to sleep.

In the morning he used me for his fucktoy (happy sighs) and afterwards told me I was allowed to use the vibrator as much as I wanted.   Normally, of course, there are limits (once).  

So I did, and it was actually only twice, because that was all I really wanted, plus I did a bunch of busy stuff.  Laundry (sheets and bedding), lawn mowing, shopping for dog pills, cleaning, sanding and varnishing a cabinet top, etc.   

When I talked to him on the computer last night he told me to use it once more.   There is a happy order!   

It was just a little one, this final orgasm, but it still counts. 

I think he'll be home tonight again, unless he has to work late, and then Friday I'm going with him to work so we can go out to dinner after.  I'll have to occupy myself somehow during the day, perhaps the library and some walking.  Maybe some window shopping.  It will be his last day at the old job.  

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  1. Extra yums in both ways - how very awesome! :) Think I already said it in another post, but just in case.. happy bday again. :) xxoo


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