Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Remember This Owie?

Master is really liking that butt plug.  Several times this week he had me put it in before, or during, sex.   This was wonderful right up until he began slamming me from behind, bumping it forcefully right up against that bruise from the other day.  

 He asks me if it hurts and I say yes.  He tells me to suffer. 

I just melt away into the hurt, and let it wrap me up like a blanket.
I don't know if this makes any sense, just to be wrapped up in a pain blanket and then it is suddenly tolerable?   

We had an amazing time though.  Simply amazing.   At one point Master had me on all fours on the floor and asked me with a pseudo serious tone "Do you feel safe at home?"  

That question the doctors always ask.  

"Compared to what?" popped sassily into my brain, but for once not out of my mouth.  

"Yes, Master, I do".  And that is the truth.  He does keep me safe.  


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