Thursday, July 17, 2014

Encounter With Nature

The other day I was mowing the pasture, because sheep don't like tall weeds and thistles, wearing my ear muff style ear protection like I'm required by Master... and I feel a tickle on my ear. 

My hair sure tickles today, I think.  How weird that it is blowing around in there.  But I keep mowing for another 20 minutes or so until the tickle gets too annoying and I start to think,

"What IS that in there?"

"Maybe that is not just my hair?"

What I did NOT expect was to find that a giant daddly long legs had been cuddling up to my ear the whole time!

This was WAY too close for comfort for something with that many legs.  I scooped him out, threw him... somewhere... and put the ear muffs back on.  

Gotta love nature, huh?   Next time I'm looking inside those things before I put them on.  

And as Master said "At least it wasn't a wasp." 


  1. Or - at least it wasn't an earwig. YUK. Not sure what kind of bug would be welcome in that situation though.

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