Saturday, July 12, 2014

Fuzzy Cunt

Conversations with Master:

Him:  "Do you like your fuzzy cunt?"

I make a non committal noise (I already let my feelings be known last time he asked.  I don't hate it being fuzzy, but I had gotten used to it shaved).

Him: "I asked if you liked your cunt all fuzzy."

Me:  "Whatever you like, Master". (Wondering what he's up to).

Him: "Maybe I'll let you shave again in 6 months when I get tired of it."

Me:  "Whatever you want, Master".  (generally a safe response)

Him:  "Of course it is, slave, do you know why?"

Me:  "Yes, Master, I'm yours".

Him:  "Maybe I'll tell you to shave only half of it."  As he flicks said cunt painfully, enticingly, with his finger.  "Then I'll beat you for shaving the wrong half".

Like he needs a reason for that!   



  1. Hi there, new follower here. I loved this post, and can so relate to it. I just last week got in trouble for a shaving issue. For a long time I was required to shave it fully, then about 6 months ago, he decided to have me do the patch/landing strip kind of thing. Well, one day in the shower, I was shaving and sorta made it crooked. After realizing that, I thought, Hmm.. I'll surprise Him and go back to bald. He noticed instantly, and I got in much trouble for not asking permission to do so. I now have to write many pages of sentences stating that my body is not my own, and belongs to Him and must have permission to do anything to it,ever. x_x

    Anyway! Loving your blog! :)

    xx brat

    1. Thanks for following!

      Yup, permission would definitely be needed to change anything.

    2. The pleasure is all mine. :) And thank you for responding,I don't know a whole lot of people here in blogger land yet with starting over. :)

      I definitely learned my lesson, I couldn't sit for a week. :)


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