Friday, July 11, 2014


Yesterday was our wedding anniversary (21 years! Which means I have been married almost half my life now), and I didn't do a post because I didn't know what to write.

He came home for the night just because it was an anniversary, and he'll be home again tonight.  I'm very happy about both!   Though he also has to work Saturday... and Monday... ooof, poor Master. 

I made a kinda, sorta special meal of slow cooked BBQ ribs and rice and fresh peas, which were in still the edible pods and raw from the garden.   I could only eat the rice and peas, but he told me the ribs were good.  I was most eager not to have an upset stomach for later that night. 

He didn't want me to buy anything for him, so I didn't.  He got me the fourth season of Downton Abbey, which I LOVE, and we watched part of it last night.   I made a step towards getting him what he asked for, but these things are complicated, and it was only one step.  We'll see.  

He asked me why I left out his favorite part of the evening from the last blog I wrote.  I don't know why; I leave out a lot of stuff just because there isn't room, or I'm done writing, or I think it is too long, or it doesn't fit my mood or narrative.  There is just no way to include every detail and I didn't realize that was his favorite bit.  So I think I'll just go back and add it.  

Last night was some quick but delicious fun.  He used me, and came inside me while fucking me from behind, then he tied my wrists (I asked for this) and paddled me really hard with the wood paddle until I was dreamily in subspace.  In between sets of blows he stroked and soothed "There, there, all done" which I knew was a trick, because another set was coming and, OW, each set hurt more than the last. 
About halfway through the beating he took the leather strap from my wrists and wrapped it around my head, through my mouth as a gag, pulling it tight and holding my head to the side.   Bridled like a horse, I couldn't move my head, but my arms still flailed, hands gripped the sheets, and my legs kicked with each blow until he put his leg over them and pinned me to the bed.

When he was done and I was all spacey, we snuggled and then I put out the light.   

A lovely anniversary fucking, I'd say!  


  1. Happy Anniversary! Ours is this month as well, same number of years.

  2. Congratulations and Happy *belated* Anniversary. How very awesome! My Sir and I will be hitting 20 in March. :) xx

  3. There must be a bunch of us bloglanders who are in the same position….

    Happy anniversary. As I reflect on mine, I'm blown away at the journey. Just reading here, I'm kind of likewise, blown away by yours. What an amazing life we lead and how wonderful it is that you found your Master and your path. A marriage is a lot of work. Congratulations to you both!!


    1. It is strange, sometimes, to think back only 4 years ago, and think how little I would have contemplated doing any of the things I do now...


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