Friday, July 18, 2014


There is something strangely erotic about Downton Abbey.  There's no nudity or sex, but all that "Yes, M'Lord," and  "No, M'Lord" hits all the hierarchical dominance and submissive, servant and master, sexy buttons for me. 

Curling up on the couch with Master while he fondles me, then orders me, "Get that cunt over here, I want to see it", and switching around in my seat to show him, makes it beyond erotic into the imagining the characters on the screen doing very nasty things to each other realm.   

Meanwhile Master is slapping and lightly punching my cunt, sometimes pausing to pet or pull the hairs (they are long enough to pull- eeeek!).

Earlier I'd given him a blowjob, and later on there would be whipping, flogging, caning and fucking... but sometimes it is nice just to cuddle.  :)

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