Sunday, July 20, 2014

Humiliation is humiliating.

And that is all I have to say about THAT.

Ok, not really.  That wouldn't be much of a blog, would it?

Master is really, really good at humiliating me, and I suppose he should be after all this practice at finding just the right level: I think he aims for the point when I feel the greatest humiliation and yet not so great as to have lingering bad effects or to cause a total meltdown on my part.

I don't really want to go into ALL THAT which he did, but I'll just say it involved some piss and some story telling and a whole lot of fucking and orgasms.  

A few other random snippets in no particular order, from yesterday and today:

I'm on my knees and he grabs my hair and pulls me upright, spinning me around so quickly that I stumble and fall half to my knees again. He pulls me on to the bed.  He tells me to put the butt plug in.  

He ties a body harness on me, then ties my hands together using the leather cuffs, and loops that rope through my collar.  Then he uses a rope (a tie) as a leash to pull me here and there, up to his mouth for a kiss, then down to his cock for sucking.

He has me pinned to the bed, fucking me on my back, and runs the leash through my mouth, pinning the leash to the bed on each side of my head with his hands.  

He makes me sing the alphabet song  ("nice and slow now") with the magic wand on my clit, telling me I can orgasm when I reach the letter "z" but each time I reach "y" he has me start the song over.   It is exquisite torture.   I finally do get to cum like a seizure-having-she-beast. 

He orders me to describe some hot scenarios for him, and I do, the favorite one being about him fucking someone else while I am tied up and forced to watch while random men come up to slap my cunt. 

This makes both of us come. 

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