Saturday, July 5, 2014

On Vacation

Well, I guess this week was a bit of a vacation from blogging, as well as a short vacation for us.  We went to visit friends and relatives in Milwaukee, which was a fun time.   Master originally was going to pack a cane, but then decided on a paddle instead, which never came out of the suitcase.  Not to say there wasn't some infliction of pain, but it had to be a lot quieter than the paddle.  I pleasured him with my mouth.

Last night he caned me before bed, just as a general principal/attitude maintenance measure.  Or something?  He wanted to do it and I am happy to receive.  
This morning we had an extended fucking and beating session.  I could write a whole post on it, but later news sapped my interest in kink writing: 

Something is wrong with Hank.

After I'd make breakfast, Master took Hank, our 10 year old dog, into a vet. His clinic is closed today so he had to go to another one.  He seemed to have the signs of a really, really bad disease (hemangiosarcoma), but after the tests (ultrasound, I think it was) it is not his spleen.  It looks like he may have something not quite that bad.  We'll have to wait until Monday to have all the tests.  I can hardly stand to think of losing Hank now. 

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