Sunday, February 15, 2015

All I Want For Valentines...

Is a dungeon play room and four hours of fun (with rest and recovery breaks) with Master and several hot and sexy women...

And I got it!   

Master kept telling me he was the nice one, but when the other Top was caning me with the misery stick and Master said "Oh, you can do that much harder" and then demonstrated, making me jump and squeal, I am inclined to ever so politely and deferentially disagree.  

I am quite sore and bruised today.  We got home at about 3:30am (the kids were staying with a friend) and Master fucked me nice and hard before we slept.  Happy fucking Valentines indeed!

What a great night!    

Also, how weird is it that you can't get a hamburger at McDonalds at 2 am?  Quarter pounder, yes, but not a regular plain hamburger.   I just had some fries, which were delicious. 

My butt this morning.  Master was poking and whacking me again, ouch ouch!



  1. Yep im with gg, lucky you, Master let some friends use our dungeon for the night...i was not impressed considering its been a while since we have played in it ourselves!


  2. Mega jealous. Sounds like a great time. I cannot wait for the boys to be old enough for sleepovers.

  3. Oh you are a very lucky girl! You need to share more of your adventures :)


    oh...nice ass (and bruises)

  4. I'm jealous, I'd love to have my Mistress share me with her girl friends. I'm sure you were good and tender after from the looks of your beautiful bottom.

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