Sunday, February 22, 2015

KOTW: Belts

First of all, my heart goes out to Jade and her partners.  I read that one of the guys is seriously ill.  I don't know more than that which I read here:   Jade, Kink Of The Week.  

They are in my thoughts, and am hoping all will be well soon.

On to the topic of the week: belts. 

On a night, long ago, or one of many:

"Get in position". 

I grip the front of my dresser and hear him behind me.  The buckle on a belt being undone is a distinctive sound.  It makes my pussy clench.  Maybe he is taking off his pants to fuck me.  Maybe he's going to use the belt on me.   (I'm hoping for both.)

It snaps just to my right and then my left, then a quick slash over my ass.  He uses it like a whip, or like you'd snap a wet towel.  It hurts.  I love it.   

Another time a girl used a belt on me.  This time it was doubled up in her hand and smacked me over and over and over.  I had several uncommanded orgasms then because Master had not given her the key, and the sensations were so intense.  I didn't really even try to stop myself.  I don't know if I could anyway.  I was very far into subspace by then. 

Sometimes I have been fucked from behind with his belt around my neck.  Or in my mouth. 

Belts are definitely at the top of my favorite kink toys.  

And so handy for holding up pants too!

Kink of the Week


  1. We share a love of yummy!
    hugs abby

  2. Ahhh yes, the belt as a gag, now that is HOT!

    Thank you for the kind words about Jade, she is having a really tough time of it at the moment but I am hopeful that one day things will be well enough again so that she can return to KOTW, in the meantime, we shall continue getting Kinky in her name



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