Saturday, February 21, 2015

Twuntalope Sings Like a Twuntalope Do

"The best thing about a little slavegirl is I can do whatever I want to her." 

Master said this to me this morning as he parted my thighs and slid between them.    I rubbed his cock against my hole until there was some wetness for him and he entered my cunt.   He pinned my arms above my head and fucked me, then pulled my legs up onto his shoulders.  It feels so good.  Then he pulled them up a little higher and moved his cock down to find my butt.  As always it was a struggle within myself to relax and let go of the wish to struggle.  I did relax "It's going to happen" went through my mind.  Then he was done and ordered me to get up and make his breakfast.

Last night I had asked for a spanking before bed, and he said just a quick one, but then it turned into a really hard and long beating with the misery stick.  At the same time he made up many songs to beat out on my ass, and all of them had a twuntalope sneak into them.  I sang along with him.

"We all live in a yellow twuntalope..." or "Bye, bye Miss American twuntalope..." and many more.

Just what the hell is a twuntalope, you may be asking?  

Well, it is half twat, half cunt, and not even a little bit antelope.  Or else possibly it is just a little slavegirl nickname, kind of like SluttyWaffleTwat.   Master has been teasing me for a few days that he's going to change my name to twuntalope, so he's been calling me that a lot, to get me used to it.   Or because it is funny. 

Well, I am his twuntalope after all, for better or worse.   :)

After the misery stick beating, he fucked me every which way, and gave me many orgasms.   

This is the song that I'm singing this morning:

A twuntalope sings like a twuntalope do...

The tune for that one


  1. Apparently cold weather agrees with you both. And how in the hell do you keep a straight face????

    1. Who said anything about keeping a straight face? I was alternately giggling and moaning and making ouchy noises with all this. :)

  2. Haha well, I'm taterhead so I get it ;-)

    - Sassy&Submissive


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