Friday, February 27, 2015

Starting With A Phone Call

Last night Master had a business meeting after work.  He called me when it was over, at nearly 9 pm, and told me to get ready "for the rest".  I knew what he meant by his tone of voice, but I coyly asked whatever could he mean by that.    

"Get ready to be beaten and fucked."  

If I'd been standing my knees would have wobbled.  But I was already in bed, and so instead my cunt started to drool and clench. 

  I was anxious and tentatively excited the whole 50 minutes it took him to drive home.  It was late.  He'd been sick all week.  Surely I was thinking if I got all worked up, he'd be tired and have changed his mind by the time he got home.   So I waited, trying not to get too excited.  But I'd been craving pain from him for the past three days, and I was very eager.  

When he arrived I was still in bed, and he said "Hi" briefly then went to brush his teeth.  I got out of bed, stripped except for a t-shirt, and waited prostrate on the floor for him.  

He came in, said "Hi, slavegirl" and told me to get in bed and lie on my stomach.  I took off my shirt.  He began right away with the misery stick.   This is an old picture below, but the misery stick is the one with the blue handle, a very thin and painful cane.  He used the leather strap on the right to bind my wrists to the headboard when I began to wiggle too much

He told me about all the girls he'd like to fuck while making me watch.  He described this in some juicy detail, then told me to orgasm.  I did, and it was huge!

He switched to the paddle after some time, and beat me until my head was all in happy and fuzzy places.  Then he fucked me.  He put his hand on my collar and pulled back.  I love that sensation.  He made me come again and again.   

When he was taking me from behind he started talking about fucking my ass, and reached over to the night table drawer to pull something out.  I wasn't sure what it was until I felt the string I have attached to the butt plug drape across my behind.  He began to press it hard into place at a slightly off angle and I squirmed trying to get it to go in the right way, and finally I asked him to shift angles a bit.  He did and it slid right in.  I felt a momentary pain as the large middle part went in, as always, but then it felt amazingly good.  His cock was still inside me the whole time.  He began fucking hard still from behind and it was a painful pleasurable sensation as he slammed into the butt plug and my cunt. 

There was a lot more after that- me on top, him on top, more punching me in the ass and orgasms.  It was a lovely night.

Oh, and his business meeting went well too :).  Inspiring, even.

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  1. Lovely.

    My darling Master was under the weather recently too, and with various other circumstances, we just haven't had opportunity for any serious play.

    But things are looking "up" for next weekend. And Master found the thin plastic cane that's been missing a while. I find it shocking how much pain - and arousal - that tiny thing can bring.


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